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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 16, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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tense day of talks. president trump set to meet with mitch mcconnell today. comes as steve bannon wages war against the gop establishment. offering a small break from the deadly raging wildfires in northern california. the damage and death toll continues to grow. >> secretary of state rex tillerson once again refuses to say whether he calls president trump a moron. defending himself in part by attacking washington. good morning, everyone. it's monday, october 16.
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i'm ayman mohyeldin. alongside jasmine and lieu burgdo burgdorf. president trump will meet with his cabinet before hosting lunch with mike pence and mitch mcconnell. relations haves been icy since august. president blasting mcconnell on twist. reports that president trump picked up the phone saturday and called mitch mcconnell ahead of a week when they have to work together on a budget or risk losing tax reform. this as steve bannon declared war on monl and his leadership team. are probably going to be it will be the end of mitch mcconnell as we know it. >> steve bannon has said the republicans should go to war against mcconnell.
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all you should get rid of him. mitch mcconnell is not our problem. our problem is repromised to repeal or replace obamacare and we failed. we promised to cut taxes and we've yet to do it. if we're successful, mitch mcconnell is fine. if we're not. we're all in trouble. >> now despite the outreach to mcconnell, two unnamed sources. bannon appeared on fox news. sitting republicans who don't actively support the president's agenda. >> president trump is also congress on the next steps of the iran deal after he decertified the deal on friday and the treasury department introduced new sanctions on the guard core. friday bashed the international agreement. refrained from pulling out completely. >> iranian nuclear deal, why not just scrap it all together now. you threatened to do so, why not just end it now.
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>> see what happens othver the next short period of time. i like a two step process better. >> you're going rip the iran deal off. >> i may do that. i may do that. the deal is terrible. so what we've done is through the certification process we'll have congress take a look at it and i may very well do that, but i like it two step process much better. >> as for which actions congress can take, there are a few. the first would be to do nothing. not reimpose sanctions under the deal. congress could choose to reimpose sanctions, violate the deal and pull the u.s. out. another is for congress to amend the nuclear review requirements with the schedule changes. iran nuclear agreement control act. access to inspect military sites. and removing the need to verify iran's compliance every 90 days.
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during an interview with cbs news. foreign minister saying the united states changing the deal would have a worldwide impact. >> no one would trust any u.s. administration to tendanger in any long-term commitment because the durr ration of any commitment from now on would be the reminder of the donald trump president. >> are you thinking of any country in particular right now. >> no i'm thinking of the entire international community. >> not north korea. >> including north korea. spoke to the statements trump made on north korea where imposing choices that push the united states towards war. "the washington post" on friday said quote you cannot publically castrate your secretary of
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state. we're giving you the choice. in an interview, rex tillerson's quote about president trump's leadership style before responding to reporters. >> i think this is an unconventional president. he uses unconventional communication tools. he uses unconventional techni e techniques to motivate change. people in this town get very nervous and very uptight about having to address serious issues by making decisions. the president is trying to simply do that in his way. >> declined to confirm or deny nbc news's report if he called trump a moron. as i indicated earlier, i was asked about that. i'm not going to deal with that kien kind of petty stuff. gossip. they feed on one another. very destructive way.
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i don't work that way: i don't deal that way. i'm not going to deal with that question. i'm not playing. these are the games of washington. i'm not. >> i'm not playing. i'm not digging that. >> jacqueline, good morning to you. good to have yo with us. in an interview, secretary of state refusing to answer that question that has been dodging him for the last couple of weeks, did he or did he not call president trump a moron. is this nonanswer by tillerson in the world of washington politics and speak, is that revealing at the relationship between trump and himself, the fact he would have come out and absolutely denied it. and do you think in some ways. >> it's problematic. it's unclear if he didn't call the president a moron why he wouldn't just come out and say that. whether he did is obviously very
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problematic. even if he did the fact he won't say it and the fact someone would be telling people he did to try to promote fighting in the white house, none of these are good scenarios. this relationship between the president and secretary of state is one of the key relationships in washington. i mean, especially as we're dealing with increasing threats from north korea, threat that military leaders have said is the biggest thing facing our country. for this relationship to be on the rocks is concerning. >> let's talk steve bannon now at the value voter summit on sunday a lot of people talking about this and getting traction over this. he delivered a fiery speech calling out establishment republicans including senator mcconnell, corker for not supporting trump and his agenda. what has been the reaction among congress to the aggressive speech over the weekend. he also said whenever the republican establishment falls, i'm ready to lead it. >> we heard speaker paul ryan
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saying last night that criticism by breitbart is just sort of the republican party has learned to deal with. something that's not going to go away. he'll brush this off. the rise of steve bannon in the administration is new, this election cycle, this sort of push and pull in the republican party is not. in 2010, we saw the rise of the tea party. the same sort of primary challenges to challenge the establishment. so this is something republicans have weathered before and came out with a majority. let me ask you quickly about the relationship between trump and mitch mcconnell. steve bannon turning up the heat on the senate majority leader. do you think we're going to see a cooling down of some of the relations between trump and mitch mcconnell. expected to have phone calls today. the president needs mcconnell to get things like tax reform done. >> i think when the two men speak they're going to talk about things like the path
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forward and tax reform and budget. the key thing is them trying to repair their relationship because as you said, the president does need mcconnell to bring out this legislation and really get a lot of his agenda done. which he's going to if he isn't able to get done, is going to impact both the president's election in 2020 and nearer terms, the two men really do need to learn how to work together. >> it's interesting to hear that sort of trump and mitch mcconnell butting heads and might be having lunch today. a juxtaposition. it's been a week since a series of deadly wildfires broke out in california. it may finally be over. winds over the weekend were less than expected. giving firefighters battling the flames a bit of help. now more than half contained. damage and death toll has been costly. nbc news correspondent has more.
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11,000 firefighters gaining ground. just as coroners rush in sweeping the burn zone. the death toll rising. at least 40 now deceased. making this the deadliest week for wildfires in california history. 75,000 remains evacuated. hundreds still missing. >> this is a massive undertaking. >> reporter: first responders working around the clock. >> we've heard instances of firefighters going and pulling people out of their bed. >> four more victims were over 70. 75-year-old carmen on vacation with her husband when the inferno broke out. unable to see through the smoke, the childhood sweet hearts held each other in the pool for five hours as flames roared around them. >> they were taking breaths and holding themselves under water to protect themselves from the heat and the flames.
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>> armando survived with second degree burns, but carmen was too weak from the smoke and died in his arm. >> they did that together. that was the strength. that was the beauty behind their relationship in everything they did. >> for others who survived, the journey home marks the begin democracy of a long road ahead. >> chris returned to find family home burned to the ground. one thing spared. >> statute of saint francis. good luck over the house. we got that the day we moved in. it's the only thing standing here. that will be the start of the new house. >> just heart breaking images there. turning now to harvey wine seen the scandal.
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producers guild is set to hold a meeting today on similar action. the president of france plans to revoke his metal of honor award. bob plans he knew his brother was cheating in a per vau sieve way, but i want him to get the justice he deserves. bobby weinstein denied all allegations of nonconsensual sex. >> strong words from his brother. >> a dramatic walk-off home run gives the dodgers a 2-0 lead over the reigning world champs. almost a month since irma hit puerto rico. most of the island still in the dark. check on your weather when we come back.
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devastated puerto rico. >> most of puerto rico is still struggling. including a popular resort island. nbc news correspondent gabe gutierrez has more from san juan. hurricane ravaged puerto rico is desperately racing to fix power grid. now setting an ambitious goal. restoring 95% of electricity by mid december. >> we're going to need all hands on deck. >> just off the u.s. territory, southeastern coast. >> it's a magical place. >> the island of 9,000 people sledded by maria. locals estimate a third have already left. >> food, water, we need a quicker response. >> the lines for fuel stretching for blocks. >> supplies are scarce. a lot of the shelves are empty. >> they fill up and they're gone. >> it's reachable by sea or air. for days after the storm, no phones, no power. now the national guard is here,
2:17 am
cell phone service just starting to return. >> a lot of folks immediately think of medicine and food, but communication is just as critical. >> a group called love has already raised more than $800,000 for the island's recovery. >> i think if we rented chaos saved lives. >> private citizens stepping up, shipping in satellite phones and generators. >> the first thing we decided to do was establish communication sgls william has lived here for 17 years. he refuses to believe his own slice of paradise is lost. >> why is it so important for you to stay here. >> i'm a fighter. >> some things with worth fighting for. >> gabe gutierrez, nbc news. >> thanks to gabe for that report. let's get a check on your weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. it's the middle of october.
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fall just now starting to feel like it outside. >> there's been people in the southeast with air conditioners on since april waiting to turn them off. finally get a chance to do that. this octobers halfway through the months. off the charts warm. that's not really going to change much. this cold front gets the humid down. rain showers out there this morning. umbrellp breumbrella for you. even atlanta also removing rain showers earlier today. here's the cooler air. right now the 60's. look back to the great lakes. 40 in st. louis, chicago and detroit. this cool air is going to be moving to the east during the day. temperature dropping during the day for many. much cooler air. this is back to average. how it should be this time of year. so warm. not really used to it being this warm throughout the region. this orange by the way shows you where the conditions are going to continue to be a little bit
2:19 am
warmer off the charts. now as far as what we're going to deal with in areas of the ooet and also the midwest, this high pressure system is going to give you a pretty chilly night tonight. feel like fall, and, again, shouldn't see so much frost or freezes. areas get the worst of it. temperatures dropping today. high temperature about 64. d.c. 63 in boston. only 52 in buffalo. grab the jacket for yourself and your kids. look what happens on tuesday in the northern plain. back up into the 70s. quick cool down and right back into the warm. charleston near 80 by friday. philadelphia low 70s thursday and friday. once again, there's no signs of any real cold or even harsh cold air in areas of the eastern two-thirds of the nation. hard to find it on the map period. the winds in california by the way a little lower today. not much on after issue. still very warm and dry. los angeles today at 94 degrees.
2:20 am
phoenix 98. tuesday. really quiet map across the country. exception in florida. also friends in northwest, yeah, rainy periods we talked about seattle and being rainy. today they'll see the sun. may not sew it again for 7 days or so. any friends in the northwest. tell them to go outside. >> go outside. >> you can't go outside anymore after this. >> one thing we disagree on. enjoying the fact it's getting a little colder. i prefer it being warmer longer. >> morning weather update before work every day. if it's going to rain, we need to know. >> she's not reading her e-mails. >> you'll actually listen to me. >> that's a stretch. >> thanks for that. >> still heart break for green bay, two time mvp goes down. late inning heroics give the dodgers a lead in the nls. people would stare.
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2:24 am
getting first win of the season. better late than never. meanwhile, green bay packers quarterback could miss the remainder of the season after breaking right collarbone yesterday. in the first quarter during the matchup against the vikings. back in 2013, missed seven games after breaking left collarbone. nonthrowing shoulder. as for the game, vikings won that one. nfl is facing a new legal issue for 49ers quarterback, colin kaepernick started off the nfl kneeling filed a grievance accusing all 32 teams to keep him out of the league. kaepernick has remained unsigned six weeks through the 2017 season. at the tend of last season. the seattle sea hawks worked him out in may. the baltimore ravening
2:25 am
considered signing him this summer, but no offers on the table when he had declined to comment on kaepernick's claim. let's go to baseball. game two where the dodgers have a one game series lead over the reigning world champs the chicago cubs. tom of the fifth still scoreless. send one over the left field wall giving chicago the lead. turner had an rbi single in the bottom of the fifth. his incredible night wouldn't end there. bottom of the ninth, two outs, two men on, chicago vern lackey in to pitch. let's take a look. >> and it's towards center field. ball is hit well. martinez on the run. this is way back and it is gone. it is a walk-off home run for justin turner. that is big. the dodgers win the game, 4-1.
2:26 am
moves to chicago on tuesday. >> a lot of excitement in la. i feel like they're getting closer and closer to the worlds series for a long time. >> i can't keep my eyes off that beard when watching that. >> i'm sure a lot of people know the lumber jack beard. >> still ahead, president trump subpoenaed over allegations. what a former contestant is now saying about the president. that story and more coming up. ♪when you've got...♪
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yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. search and rescue teams looking for a worker. seven other workers were injured. all workers were either on the platform or adjacent bar. officials say possibility oil is now leaking into the lake. crews making progress beating back wildfires. officials say the danger is far from over. some residents in sonoma county were allowed to go back on sunday only to be evacuated again when flames erupted. a dozen fires burning since last week. large number of evacuation centers are opened doors. today the producers gild build of america.
2:31 am
voted to immediately eject the movie mogul as more women come forward accusing wean seen the of inappropriate sexual behavior. a woman who ie accused donald trump of groping her. subpoena filed by former apprentice contestant was filed in march as part of her defamation lawsuit against then republican president donald trump for saying she and other accusers were lying about allegations. just days before the allegations in the "new york times" accomplished claims by two other women who claim donald trump touched them inappropriately. trump denied the allegations tweeted back nothing ever happened with any of these women. totally made up nonsense to steal the election.
2:32 am
nobody has more respect for women than me. this came just eight days after the hollywood access tape. rex tillerson is denying tension between himself and the president. in a new interview also refusing to say whether he once called the president a moron. nbc's kelly o'donnell has the latest. >> reporter: the nation's top diplomat being diplomatic. >> the president's a very unconventional person. as we all know in terms of how he communicates and likes to create action. >> secretary of state rex tillerson out front defending himself in part by attacking washington. >> this is a town that seems to relish on the gossip rumor, innuendo, feed on it. feed on it in a destructive way. >> one uncomfortable word, moron, causing tillerson grief. >> not going to dignify the question. >> question follows reports by nbc news tillerson called the president a moron after a july
2:33 am
national security meeting according to three government officials. once again the secretary notably chooses not to deny he said it. >> my position on it is i'm not playing. i'm not playing. you want to make a game out of it. i'm not playing. >> the president sent mix signals on supporters tillerson. >> i have total confidence. >> but knocked down the secretary of state tweeting he was wasting time trying to negotiate with north korea. that jab prompted senator bob cork rin to criticize the president. corcoran. coran to criticize th president. corcoran.
2:34 am
of the ten states with the highest consumers, nine of them voted for trump. coalition of some of the biggest doctors, are asking grandsons to fund subsidies. millions will face higher premiums and less access to medical care than they need. president celebrated decision on friday tweeting quote, health insurance stocks which have gone through the roof during obamacare years plunged yesterday after i ended their windfall. susan collins of maine disagreed. >> what the president is doing is affecting the ability of vulnerable people to receive health care right now.
2:35 am
this is not a bailout of the insurers. what this money is used for is to help low income people afford deductibles and co-pays so their health care is available to them. joining us from washington. jacqueline, good to have you back with us. congress trying to take up the issue of health care in order to address president trump's decision to stop the cost sharing provisions of obamacare. explain to us what impact, if any, does adding this to congress's plate have on the rest of the agenda. this list of what congress has to do, president trump keeps adding to just seems to be growing by the week. >> absolutely. lawmakers have a very long to do list. one of the biggest items being the budgets.
2:36 am
if they don't pass it, we're going to be facing a government shutdown. in terms of obamacare subsidy, i've seen bipartisan agreement on this. minority leader nancy employee sy obviously against this. you saw senator lindsey graham supported the president's move. this is something you might be able to see some movement because there is a bipartisan agreement. the biggest thing they're going to be facing is the timeline at the end of the year. >> let's move overseas. u.s. and south korea begin a joint military drill today after renewed threats from north korea. how is this going to play out in an area with tensions pretty high. >> are resumed during exercises like this with the north korean
2:37 am
regime trying to show their strength. it's unclear. i saw the pentagon put out a statement stressing this is a routine thing. something to do just to make sure they're ready. not the start of any sort of military action. >> thank you. >> white house chief strategist declared number of republicans for their lack of support of president trump. including senator leader mcconnell. bannon called on republicans worried about their election chances not to back mitch mcconnell. bannon went on to add bob corker. demanding republicans condemned the senator. >> he said he's leading them on a path of world war three that he is not stable that people had to keep him moderated. that it's an adult -- it's what an adult senator and took the morning shift off by some u.s.
2:38 am
senator in position of that port for the first time in the history of our republican has mocked and ridiculed a commander in chief we have kids in the field. have i seen deb fisher come to a stick and condemn that. you have not. and let me give a warning to you. nobody can run and hide on this one. >> remarks on corporate drew criticism from republican senator john mccain. she tweeted trump slammed my dads service when both of my brothers were and are currently serving. give me a break with this. vice president mike pence hit the campaign trail this morning. a republican stronghold in the state. president trump has largely stayed away from the state where he lost more than five points last year and job approval is just 33% according to
2:39 am
"washington post" poll. instead of going there, president trump tweeted, the democrats in the southwest part of virginia have been abandon by their party. republican ed gillespie will never let you down. in response, republican candidate tweeted a dare to the republican, why don't you come down here and show us what that looks like. election is just three weeks away on november 7. >> new revelations about the finances of pal manafort, central figures. nbc news investigation shows the former trump campaign chairman has stronger links to russian oligarch than previously reported. oligarch. reportedly totaled around $60 million including a $26 million loan. manafort was forced out of the trump campaign back in august of 2016 following allegations of improper dealings. a charge that he strenuously
2:40 am
denies. meanwhile, former white house chief of staff reince priebus participated friday. mueller is expected to interview a number of aides as part of the ongoing investigation. this as the presidentosis 2020 re-election campaign spent over $1 million in legal fees between july and the end of september, according to fund raising reports filed with the federal election commission. british prime minster theresa may hold emergency talks in brussels today. live in london with more. what can you tell us about this. >> theresa may is going to brussels to have dinner with the european commission, as well as chief brexit negotiator. trying to talk on brexit. she's had a conversation with angela merkel over the weekend.
2:41 am
positive progress was necessary. positive statement we might see at the european leader summit later this week in brussels. here in the uk numbers of parties trying to report a motion that would force the government to back away from a no deal. one of the things the government is constantly referring to. we also heard in d.c. from janet yellen over the course of the weekend. talking about another potential rate hike. interest rates. don't know when it's going to be. up until now a lot of us are expecting one rate hike. might be two. worried about weak inflation: strength in labor market will push that higher. >> spanish stocks are down this morning in the latest developments in catalonia. >> a lot more uncertainty there. we heard this morning that the cat plan presidealan president.
2:42 am
he decided to say he hasn't said yes or no. wants two months of talks with the prime minster. his deputy, has come out with a statement in the last hour saying that's not acceptable. they will not accept mediation. they will not accept talks. giving a further deadline for thursday. catalan leadership to decide whether they have declared independence. if they have, that could see the spanish state. we're not entirely sure. saying this is a very high stakes game of political chess. currently catalonia president's move next. as president trump and republicans pitch their tax plan to the american people, secretary steve mnuchin has made a surprised recession. the estate tax. the institute for finance conference conceded the estate tax would help more rich americans than middle class ones saying obviously the estate tax i will concede disproportiona
2:43 am
disproportionately helps rich people. crickets trump's claim to voters that the estate tax would protect millions of small businesses and farmers throughout the country. according to the "new york times" only a few thousand wealthy estates are affected by the tax each year. still ahead, long time democratic senator diane feinstein gets a primary challenger as progressives in her state look for new blood. that's next. we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine!
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planting mcnuggets. today is act unveiling a magnificent tax plan. going to give you people back a lot of cash. that's all i'm focused on, but also what about bob corker. little bob corker. some politician that's going to be on the quarter some day. he could actually be on a quarter. he could take a nap on the quarter. he so small and i hate doing small jokes. this guy is so small. a dermatologist found him on a mole. okay. >> he decided not to seek re-election. tennessee republican does know a thing or two about staying relevant in donald trump's washington. after creating headlines and attention on cable news for saying president trump's
2:48 am
rhetoric could set the nation on the path to world war three. told "the washington post" on friday that he knew exactly what he was doing. quote, now that the world war three suggestion is out there, president trump will do everything in his power to prove that it is not true. >> well, there you go. >> reverse sigh kopsychology. >> yes feinstein will face re-election bid next year. officially launched campaign over the weekend to run against feinstein for the u.s. senate seat she has held since 1992. drew criticism for the liberal wing of party. suggesting he could, quote, be a good president. deleon pitching himself as a progressive alternative. saying he wants to wage an aggressive fight. upon announcing bid, day leon was endorsed by the progressive action committee. >> let's get a check on the weather now with nbc
2:49 am
meteorologist bill karins. european weather. it's not a hurricane, but it was hurricane o feelia approaching ireland. you can see the center of it. it's going to gust. it's a huge wave. hower outa agagoutages. power o rushing and hitting the extreme eastern coast of ireland during the day. it was a major hurricane over the weekend. one of the furthest northeast we've ever had. unusual to get a storm this strong out in the atlantic. usually the water is not warm
2:50 am
enough to support a storm like this. is this crazy climate change or something. ireland has had about every ten years. post tropical system coming through. sarah: every year we take a girl's trip. amid new threats from north korea. new live report next. i can't believe you got us tickets! i did. i didn't pay for anything. (sigh) you never do. send me what i owe. i've got it. i mean, you did find money to buy those boots.
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every dollar you can spare helps so much more than you can imagine. please donate now to help people affected by hurricane harvey. your help is urgently needed.
2:53 am
welcome back, everybody. twin bomb blasts in somalia over the weekend have killed 276. officials fear that number could rise. since then rescue teams have been digging through rubble, searching for survivors. more than 300 people were injured, leaving hospitals strained beyond capacity. the deadliest attack ever in somalia's history. the government is blaming the al qaeda linked group al shabaab. >> no condemnation from the white house. that's troubling. new comments from secretary of state rex tillerson on north
2:54 am
korea has raised eyebrows. janis has the details. >> insisting that pressure, sanctions, diplomacy have united world leaders in a way that's unprecedented and a diplomatic solution to the north korean crisis is still possible. he also had implied when he was here in beijing, meeting with chinese officials that the diplomatic channels to b wrchlt ongyang are open. of course, there was some contradiction that followed 24 hours later when president trump tweeted that rex, quote, unquote, was wasting his time. it has been a little bit of a riddle to figure out if the secretary of state and the president of the united states are on the same page when it comes to handling the north
2:55 am
korean crisis. it underscores what is the biggest risk, what remains the biggest risk which is, of cou e course, miscalculation, that a lack of understanding or confusion over the rhetoric or muks mixed messaging could trigger something more devastating. there are joint naval drills getting under way between the u.s. and south korea. they're going to last for ten days, involving fighter jets, helicopters and naval ships, including the aircraft carrier "uss ronald reagan" all off the waters in the korean peninsula. pyongyang traditionally has seen these drills as a threat, seeing its a rehearsal for an eventual invasion. there's not been any reaction out of pyongyang today. late last week they did renew the threat of missiles toward guam if these drills did go ahead. >> janis mackey frayer, thank
2:56 am
you for that report. >> susan collins fresh off her decision not to run for governor. now she's calling on president trump to restore those health care subsidies. >> plus we'll talk to one of the reporters behind a bombshell report of "the washington post" on how the dea --
2:57 am
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welcome back, everybody. before we toss it over to "morning joe," let's check on the stories you'll be hearing about in the days ahead. the senate returning from its columbus day recess today, to vote on calista gingrich, wife of newt gingrich. three years since bergdahl was release from the taliban in a controversial prisoner swap. national constitution center liberty award today presented by
3:00 am
vice president joe biden. i'm yasmin vossoughian along with ayman mohyeldin. "morning joe" starts right now. health care, tax reform and nearly every other big ticket item remains in limbo. to get something done he's going to need mitch and little bob corker. the establishment that steve bannon is now vowing to destroy. secretary of state refuses to answer whether or not he called his boss a moron but insists he has not been castrated by the commander in chief. >> i checked. i'm fully intact. >> good morning. it's monday, october 16th. welcome to "morning joe." we've seen your political


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